Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sugar, how'd you get so fly?

To make Atomic Plastik Kookie's The Most Important Ingredient is a Sugarcube.
Yes, I totally just made up a cheesy line to describe what yummy goodness I have in store for you guys today.
This hair is a upcoming release from Atomic. '
Josie' is the newest creation by hair designer Ellie Celt. And I was given the honor to give you your first look at this truly adorable release. 'Josie' is one of two of the hairs that will be released next Friday for the new month. I got a two weeks notice, and i'm already in love with it!
Another exciting release is Plastik's new line of skins '
Bael'! Did you see those lips? Flawless right? They have some adorable makeups on them as well! If you haven't checked out the new skins, head down to Plastik and try them out! I loves them ^^
Kookie is also having a 50% off Stock clearence sale on 3 shoes for a limited time. Sale lasts until Sunday the 30th at 5pm slt and after that they are gone forever! So be sure to grab your goodies before they *Poof*! :O
Last but not least, I had to blog about Sugarcube. Sugarcube has long been one of my favorite stores. It was one of the very first stores I fell in love with. Hand drawn, Bright colors, Cute designs.. Sugarcube has been destined for success since the opening.
So if you every stopped to wonder 'Sugar, how'd you get so fly?" Now you know ^^

Hair: Josie in Golden Blonde by Atomic (Not yet released)
Skin: Bael HueSun in Spring Drops Freck by Plastik
Eyelashes: Natural Lashes by Atomic
Dress: Not square dress in peanut butter'n Cocolate by Sugarcube
Socks: Open heel socks white by SPICA
Shoes: Kat platforms by Kookie

(I love this song, btw!)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Aqua & !SSUS

Aqua is having a grand opening of there new store. With it comes a bunch of new releases. There will be dollarbies, and cheap raffles so everyone can get in on the action. Saturday is the re opening party @ 3am SLT - 5am SLT with DJ Kaii Kiranov and @ 3pm SLT - 5pm SLT with DJ Kizza James to fit your time zone. So you can grab a hot outfit from Aqua, then dance in it! There's lots of great new stuff coming from Aqua, so if you haven't been there head down on the re opening and check out the new store.
I'm also wearing some shoes from !SSUS whom i've mentioned in my posts before. Owner Rowan Carroll has really unique, funny, and cute shoes. One of my new favorites is.. erm.. these.. penis pumps.. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. ;D

Yeah, you should be jealous of my penis pumps *Mean face*
Wearing: Kaii of the wild P/G Zebra
Rhubarb Penis Pumps

I'm red hot, yo.
Wearing: Sun Godess in Red
Black/White Tri Rose T-straps MM Special

Tp to: Aqua & !SSUS

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Your going to have to excuse the following post, seems I have temporarily gone colorblind, therefore none of the following outfits will make any sense and leave you saying 'WTF'. But to me, I look just as glamorous as ever. But how could I not? Have you seen some of the new stuff at the blackmarket? F a b u l o u s .
Take for instance these beautiful skins from *!t. This was my first time ever seeing the owner December Larkham's fabulous skins. I'm a big sucker for unique makeup and December has a awesome selection of unique eyeshadows to choose from. Her skins are $L800 usually, but at the blackmarket you can get her super unique, super cute skins for a bargin at only $L150! It's almost unheard of! You can take a direct tp to her stall at the blackmarket: here.
What else can you find at blackmarket? Well, how does adorable exclusive blackmarket tattoos from
Duboo* for a meer $L80 sound? Owner Newreem Waffle is not only one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, but is also one of the most talanted. Her store Duboo* also has some of the best cute shirts you can find, and very cheap! All her items are very resonably priced, and your sure to find something you'll like. (She even has male shirts!)
Another new store to me was
beetlebones but boy am I glad I found it! beetlebones has some of the cutest clothing i've seen, and her exclusive blackmarket stuff is no exception. You'll have to check it out and see for yourself, but I did feature a bunch of owner suetabulous Yootz's stuff today.
Last but not least, the widely blogged about !O freebie hair for blackmarket. Owner Anya Ohmai is seriously climbing up her way the sl fashion scene. Not only is she one of the most amazing bloggers, cutest avie cupcake, funny gumdrup, but she also makes clothes now?
What can this girl not do?! (Btw, Anya.. I'm sorry for quoting everything you say. Your just so darn cute *pinches your cheeks*)
Another cosmo tip for you guys today, enjoy! :)

Deebo* Tattoos @ Blackmarket! :D

Cosmo Tip 3: Don't match your shoes and belt...but keep them in the same color family.

Hair: Emma Blone by Atomic
Skin: Alli underwater forest in medium by *!t ($L150 @ Blackmarket!)
Skull love tattoo by Duboo* (Exclusive @ Blackmarket!)
Shirt: Laboheme in Monochrome grey by beetlebones
Wide waist belt in sour apple by (Free!)
Purse: i skinned an ostrich in cherry pop by beetlebones
Vintage skirt salmon by TIAF (free @ Blackmarket!)
Shoes: i skinned an ostrich pumps in menthe breeze by beetlebones

Look at that makeup! Ahhh! So Pretty/Perfect/Unique!

Hair: Soah in Sushi by !O (Free @ Blackmarket!)
Skin: Alli Abra in medium by *!t ($L150 @ Blackmarket!)
Jailbird sweater in sailors haven by beetlebones
Skinny lowriser jeans in red dates by beetlebones
Shoes: i skinned an ostrich pumps in morning glory and barbie pink by beetlebones

Monday, August 24, 2009


*Squeels* No, that's not a balloon i'm holding, that's a giant lollipop! and while that makes me happy, so does these skins I discovered today while visiting the happy shop which is full of cheap knick knacks and cutesy jewlery. Connected to this adorable store, was I dare to say one of my new favorite skin stores. May is a adorable shop with the cutest skins i've seen in a long time. After getting several fat packs I imed my friend Beanie of 'Beanie loves Japan' and was shocked to find out even she didn't know of this store. I had thought this store to be japanese, but after Beanie tped in and was stunned to find such cute skins that she herself had never heard about.. did some snooping around and found out that owner fay magic is actually chinese. Apparently, this was a very rare find. Chinese creators are very rare in SL, as the goverment has blocked internet acess over there. So there's only a handful of these creators online and expecially in SL. Fay has a good handful of skins, and all of them are adorable. I really love the kissable, juicy lips on them! It seems not a lot of people know of May, and i'm telling you all now.. you are missing out! I don't get excited over stores much, but this store really tickled my cute bone. Skins come in 3 makeup packs, and include a shape for only $2,000!
I paired these cute skins with this adorable summer dress from Shiki. Who happends to be a japanese designer with lots of great designs as well.
Take a look at the newest release 'Amy' that was released today, and whatever you do.. Take a trip to may! Trust me, it's so worth it!

Amy 'C' (Look at those lips!!)

Skin: Amy C by May
Hair: Lovely Girl Normal by Junwave
Eyelashes: Rendezvous by RG
Dress: Summer Dress Sunshine by Shiki
Socks: Square Madness Socks in orange (free) by Djunk
Shoes: Dare pumps in lime by ST
Background Goodies: Magic candy & Baby sweets ($L10!) by Happy shop

Tp to: May

Do you wanna date my avatar?

So what is it guys find hot? Do they really like the dolled up, perfect makeup, flawless outfit, fake nails and the plumping lip gloss? or do guys prefer the girl who can look awesome in a pair of sweats, there oversized t-shirts, and a 'I just got out of bed' hairstyle? Do guys prefer the smell of some overpowering chanel perfume, or the scent of the girl he loves shampoo when he hugs her? In SL, you don't have to try hard to make your avatar look flawless and glamorous at any given notice. She nevers gets bloated, always fits into her skinny jeans, her hair is never out of place, and her makeup lasts for days. Yet, even in sl.. we can find ways to be lazy, to make it look like we don't really care, even if we spend hours putting together an outfit to make it look that way. What's honestly sexy to men? The girl who can throw on a pair of jeans and a tank top and look goregous, or a girl who takes triple the amount of time to get ready and looks just as good as the other girl.. Meh, i'm not good at this whole dating thing. But sometimes I find it sexier to just be yourself then putting on a show, even in sl.. Perfection, at least in my eyes will never exist. That includes your sl avie. There will always be that prim that isn't exactly the way it should be, always be that eyelash that can never look good at all angels.. what's really beautiful, is the person behind the avatar.. the person who made the avatar look like that. I was asked what I incorperate into my sl fashion from my rl fashion.. the answer? Everything. Everytime I make a purchase, everytime i wear something. It reflects something about me, how I want to be represented, how I feel, how I want to look at this moment in time. Yes, i'm the first one to want to be dolled up, but I love dressing down, to dress myself up as well. Such little efforts, make such big differences. In sl, you can be anyone you want to be.. only.. I choose to be me.
So, I don't know boys, do you wanna date my avatar?

Do you wanna date my avatar?
Theme: Dressing Down/Cosmo tip 2

Rule 2: Flaunt one stretch of skin at a time.

Skin: Mary Skin ($L1!) by Mother Goose
Hair: A in Brown A by Magika
Top: Sheer ribon tank (Navy) by Armidi
Jacket: Plaid Winter Sweater by GC
Shorts: Shorts white by DC
Shoes: Unisex classic Moccas [Lt Brown] by Armidi

(Watch this video. Seriously)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vive9 = <3

This is the new logo for Vive9's new upcoming skins.
'Unnatural beauty' really fits vive9 in my opinion. I've been a v9 addict for quite some time now as you can tell by the amount of posts where i'm wearing vive9 skins. I could go on and on about how much I love vive9, but I have a exciting release to talk about! A long with the logo, V9 has announced a new skin coming out '
Maya'. Being the vive9aholic I am, I was thrilled at the news of a new release. Here's a sneak peak at the skin!

* Warning - Nudity Below *

This is the upcoming new skin, Maya 'Sweety' in Light. You can grab your own in stores september 1st!

Tp to: Vive9

Sweet Dreams

My SL has been having a lot of issues lately.. Just got my studio back up, should be posting what I have promised to post in the next coming posts.. I wanted to share my current outfit, however.
I was feeling a bit down, and wanted to create something emotional.. I put together this outfit featuring this jacket from Ohmai.. We all know her and love her, and now she's making clothing too. She put out four preview colors of this jacket, and all are equally beautiful. I can't wait to see her final store, lots of good stuff coming our way. Haven't done a 30 days of summer post for a while, so here it is.

Sweet Dreams
Theme: Emotional

Hair: Cherry in Coffee by Exile
Skin: Raine Intoxicate in Cream by PF
Eyelashes: Natural by Atomic
Jacket: Hamilton Military in Basic Blank by !O
Top: Summers End top in Navy by Pididdle
Bangles: Sol Multi Bangels by Miel
Skirt: High Mini Skirt in Autumn Sunset by T.Z
Shoes: LE Yuki Sock Supreme Heels in Tart by